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When I signed my cats up for PetCare insurance I had no idea how wonderful it would be. Nova had a urinary tract infection and required surgery. PetCare paid almost the entire amount of the surgery plus they paid all of the cost of the medications and prescription food. When I got my Brussels Griffon I immediately signed her up. Several months later she needed surgery for a luxated patella and PetCare paid all but my $100 deductible. This is the best and only pet insurance to buy....I told my vet about it and had PetCare send him brochures to put in his office and have recommended them to my family and friends.

Client: Sari Remer  
Pet: Nova, Domestic shorthair Condition: Lower Urinary Tract Disease
Claim Submitted:
$2069.74 Claim Paid: $1839.93 
Pet: Liv, Brussels Griffon Condition: Patella Luxation
Claim Submitted: $1937.93 Claim Paid: $1837.25

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